About EverEarth

Everearth was created to make wines in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way. That’s why we say it on the front label. Twice. Our vineyards and production facility are certified sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, which promotes the benefits of sustainable winegrowing practices.

Their Low Carbon Footprint means they don’t own the following:

  • A fancy winery own: Especially one built with wood.
  • A barrel room that’s air conditioned all summer.
  • Barrels and corks made from trees.
  • A tasting room that’s heated and air conditioned.
  • A tractor. A big truck. A little truck. A moped. A lawnmower.
  • A warehouse that’s heated and airconditioned all year
  • A private jet
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  • Sustainable Winemaking & Vineyard Upkeep
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