Asbach ‘Selection’ 21 year Grape Brandy

Rheingau Rudesheim Germany Europe
Tasting Notes
Technical Details

Color : mahogany colored.

Nose : a blend of spices, wood, caramel and nuts, coffee, Chocolate and lime with a slight floral note.

Palate : roast aromas, clear coffee notes and a trace of toffee.

Finish : noble and very persistent, comprehensive Maturation notes and coaxing warmth.

The master distiller takes finest grapes and uses his instinctive feel, following two distillation processes and storage in casks of Limousin oak, to create unique masterpieces in the art of distilling.

Cooper stills are used to distil the wines twice in accordance with tradition and with special care. A “raw spirit” is created in a first stage and is perfected to produce a “fine spirit” in the second stage of distillation. The elaborate distillation process “on yeast” ensures the high quality of the distillates.

The Asbach casks are traditionally made of finest Limousin oak without the use of nails or glue. The casks are all small, they can only hold around 300 litres each, and support the natural interaction between wood and distillate.

• Type: Spirits
• Sub-type: Brandy
• Class: Grape
• ABV%: 40

Exquisite –

Aromatic coffee, caramel and wood spices. Perhaps a suggestion of floral notes somewhere in there too. Very long and spicy. More roasted coffee, seductive and warming with subtle toffee sweetness on the lengthy finish.
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