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Pennsylvania- On Premise Manager LKUEHN@VNTGIMPORTS.COM

Lee grew up in the restaurant industry. From a five-star family business to a popular chain to a beachfront tourist destination, he’s been behind the bar of them all. In the early 2000’s, Lee was a fourth-grade teacher in Wilmington, North Carolina, and working part time as a waiter and bartender. Seeking a career change, his passion for the restaurant industry and undeniable affinity for wine led him back to Pittsburgh and a position with Wine Merchant. In 2004, he joined Vintage Imports.

Aside from tasting new wines, Lee’s favorite aspect of the job is meeting with customers and curating exceptional selections that match each restaurant’s unique menu and aesthetic. A top-performer in his region, Lee has been fortunate enough to join wine tasting trips across the globe, including Italy, France and Germany.

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