Casa Martelletti

Casa Martelletti Vermouth di Torino Classico Red Vermouth

Piedmonte Vermouth di Torino Classico Italy Europe
Tasting Notes
Technical Details

A beautiful bright glowing amber color with the perfume of herbs, bitter orange, vanilla, gentian, cinchona, and rhubarb. Sweet and full bodies with a pleasant aftertaste of Artemisia.

Moscato grape blend.
This wine contains allergens, sulfites.
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The Estate

In the center of the small town of Cocconato, in the heart of Asti, Piemonte there is a 17th century mansion clinging to the hillside. This is Casa Martelletti, a large, elegant building which has become a landmark in the area.

Wine Making

Harvested in early September, the wine was fermented in stainless steel containers for 20 days and aged for 6 months, once bottled it was aged for another two months.

Food Suggestions

Pairs well with aperitif or meditation wine at the end of a meal.

• Available Size: 750mL (6 pc)
• Type: Wines
• Sub-type: Wines
• Class: Fortified
• ABV%: 18
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