About Camerlengo

Named for the Cardinal Camerlengo, who administers the Apostolic Chamber and in 1250 fiercely defended the local lands in the name of the Pope, was given the lands around Rapolla as a reward. Echoing this rich history Antonio Cascarano called their wine Camerlengo to summon these noble origins and to introduce their guests to the history and traditions of Rapolla, which is rooted in the past of ancient peasant wisdom. Antonio inherited the land from his grandfather, Giovanni Falaguerra, and revived the company that his grandfather created that was interrupted in the 1970’s. Located on the slopes of Mount Vulture, this land is rich in vineyards, chestnuts and olive trees. With soils fertile in silicon and potassium, along with wide diurnal ranges and rigorous grape selection during the harvest that creates the most structured and complex wines from his old vineyards (approximately 40 years) of Aglianico. It is this wonderful landscape where Camerlengo is located giving us a divine splendor of his vines.

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