Cantina di Casorzo

About Cantina di Casorzo

Cantina Sociale di Casorzo was established by a group of local winemakers in 1951. Witnessing a widespread exodus with so many young people abandoning the countryside for the city, the founders chose instead to join their forces, and combine their resources and experience in an enterprise aiming at the preservation of local winemaking heritage and traditions.||1954 the first harvest|There were, initially, about 200 associated producers. Photos of that time testify to their hard work and sheer enterprising determination.

1968: Malvasia di Casorzo become D.O.C.|In the rebellious spirit of the 60’s, Malvasia di Casorzo becomes a newly-recognized young-in-spirit, boldly non-traditional concept local D.O.C. Fifty years later|Cantina di Casorzo’s current wine production averages 15,000 hectoliters/year obtained from approximately 20,000 tons of grapes contributed to the Cantina by member growers from some 200 hectares of vineyards with a total of 10 different appellations of origin. Vinification and wine storage follow tradition and know-how handed down by past generations of local wine producers. Application of modern production standards allows for greater health safety related transparency. All production is sold directly, some bottled (450,000 bottles of 15 different kinds) and partly in boxed cartons and in bulk, syphoned down directly from huge stainless steel storage vats into large flagons encased in protective wicker baskets. Cantina Sociale di Casorzo takes pride in serving over 25,000 clients per year. We can deliver our bottled wine all over the world.

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