Castello di Meleto

About Castello di Meleto

The Castello di Meleto estate consists of 2,470 acres of land, of which 400 acres are dedicated to vineyards. Castello di Meleto is owned by Viticola Toscana, a joint-stock company controlled by the Schuler family. With the support of the Schuler family, Castello di Meleto has renewed its estate philosophy.

Located not far from the boundary between the ancient Republics of Siena and Florence, just over a half mile from Gaiole in Chianti, the castle at the heart of the estate once belonged to the Benedictine monks of the Coltibuono Abbey. The name “Meleto in Chianti” can be traced back as far as 1269 when it was under the property of the Rainerii de Ricasoli family. Today, Castello di Meleto‚Äôs vineyards are spread in five separate plots that surround the castle, leaving the winery in an ideal central location.

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