Château Margaux

About Château Margaux

The Château Margaux is an unmistakable name in the Bordeaux vineyards, whose prestige and reputation have long extended beyond the borders. Known under the name of “La Mothe de Margaux” since the 12th century, the great quality of its wines was recognized at the beginning of the 15th century thanks to the vinification work of the steward Berlon, who separated the red grapes from the white grapes and succeeded in distinguishing the best plots. Then in 1784, this wine seduced Thomas Jefferson, future president of the United States and then ambassador of France. In the early nineteenth century, Château was destroyed by its owner at the time, the Marquis de la Colonilla Bertrand Douat, who rebuilt it as we know it today with its Ionic peristyle, monumental staircase and classical façade.

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