Château Rougier

About Château Rougier

Chateau Rougier is one of a number of Estates owned by Vignobles Lobre. Official documents testify to the presence of the LOBRE family since 1734 in the town of Rimons, a small rural village located south-east of Bordeaux.) Over time, with successive generations, the passion for wine becomes a profession, know-how and the vineyard are transmitted and gradually enriched. Passionate about the vineyard, Jean-Pierre takes over the family estate and with his wife buys another one located in the same town. This is how the “Château de l’Aubrade” and the “Château Jamin” were created in 1974. With ever-increasing know-how, Jean-Pierre and Paulette Lobre have invested themselves in the quest for quality and in the marketing of their production in bottles. Over time, they never stop growing their vineyard.

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