Giovanna Tantini

About Giovanna Tantini

Even though the farm has been owned by the Tantini family for more than 100 years, it wasn’t until the beginning of this century that Giovanna Tantini began bottling wine from the 11.5 hectares planted to vine on the family property. Located in one of the best growing zones just south of Lake Garda, the Tantini vineyards are overseen by one of the most renowned vineyard managers working in Italy today, Federico Curtaz (Angelo Gaja’s longtime vineyard manager) and his partner Roberto Abate. The area south of Lake Garda, Italy’s biggest body of water, is known for its morainic subsoils, delivered by the same melting glacier that created the lake. These pebbly soils, with their excellent natural drainage, are ideal for crafting wines that with rich mineral character.

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  • Family-Owned & Operated
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