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Stefano and Massimo Moccagatta’s claim to fame as champions for the Cortese grape led them to a new goal: To reestablish Gavi as one of the world’s great white wines. They created ‘Ottosoldi’ as a niche brand that ties together tradition, terroir, and the production of quality wine. Their grandfather, who purchased the small plot of land they now cultivate, referred to the land as ‘Otto soldi’ (eight coins), an Italian expression signifying that it was worth a fortune.

The name of the Ottosoldi winery in Gavi means literally “eight shillings.” The story goes that the grandfather of the current generation of owners purchased this gorgeous estate and top growing site with otto soldi or eight shillings that he had managed to save. Today, this boutique estate owns approximately five hectares that extend across an amphitheater vineyard with southwest exposure — one of the most coveted crus in the Gavi appellation. The entire parcel is planted to Cortese di Gavi, the native white variety used to produce Gavi wine. The soils in Gavi are rich in limestone and clay, ideal for the production of long-lived white wines, and the Ottosoldi property also benefits from the maritime influence of the Mediterranean Sea which lies just an hour or so away by car. The sea breeze helps to create diurnal shifts in temperature, warming the vines by day and then cooling them by night. As a result, the winemaker is able to preserve the freshness and natural aromas and flavors of the grapes during vinification. Besides its classic still Gavi, one of the appellation’s most highly rated, Ottosoldi also produces a classic method sparkling “blanc de blancs,” made exclusively from Cortese.

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  • Family-Owned & Operated Two Generations
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