About Samsara

SAMsARA produces limited releases of Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache and Chardonnay from carefully selected micro-sites within Sta. Rita Hill’s most distinctive vineyards. The resulting wines are an interpretation of the tenuous balance between the power of natural elements beyond our control and the human desire to reach perfection.

Winegrowing at SAMsARA starts with selecting special sections within each vineyard where soils, altitudes, slopes, and elevations will bring the best out of the vine. We believe that all of the important work should be done in the vineyard, with little handling or manipulation of the fruit once it reaches the winery.

Winemaker Matt Brady works hard in the vineyard to ensure that grapes reach the winery with perfect ripeness, flavor, acidity, and tannins. Once the grapes are there, there is as little intervention as possible in the winemaking process, resulting in the utmost expression of the fruit, soil, site, and region, otherwise known as terroir.

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  • Sustainable Vineyard Practices
  • Solar Powered Winery & Tasting Rooms
  • Recycled Packaging Reduced Packaging and Waste
  • Reduced Water Usage Impact on Surrounding Environment
  • Organically Farmed Vineyards & Winemaking
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