Vale D. Maria

About Vale D. Maria

Located in the heart of the Douro region, in Cima Corgo in the Vale do Rio Torto, the first records of Quinta Vale D. Maria date back to 1868. The history of Quinta Vale D. Maria winemaking begins in 1996 in the hands of Cristiano van Zeller, when he buys the property from the family of his wife, Joana Lemos van Zeller.

Since then, and as a result of a lot of dedication and passion, Quinta Vale D. Maria has been at the genesis of unique wines, whose quality is recognized nationally and internationally. The deep respect for this region and for the legacy of Cristiano van Zeller, in favor of a seal of excellence, was at the origin of the acquisition of Quinta Vale D. Maria, by Aveleda in 2017. A year earlier, Aveleda had already acquired Quinta Vale do Sabor, located in the Douro Superior sub-region.

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