Ohmine Shuzou

Ohmine 2Grain Yamadanishiki Sake

Yamaguchi Mine City Japan Asia
Tasting Notes
Technical Details

Ohmine 2Grain Yamadanishiki Sake

This brew boasts a juicy taste reminiscent of pear and white peaches. Notes of
sugarcane and roasted almond can be detected in the middle, followed by a bitterness
akin to that of cacao and orange peel on the finish.

Ohmine’s brewing process for 2Grain involves carefully controlling the bacteria in order
to produce their ideal taste. Specifically, they reduce the amount of bacteria
responsible for producing unwanted flavors (zatsumi) and increase the bacteria used
for fermenting alcohol, which breaks down the starch in the grain. This method is
difficult to control, and is only used for Ohmine╩╝ s 2Grain.

• Available Size: 720mL (12 pc)
• Type: Sake
• Sub-type: Sake
• ABV%: 14
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