Château Paradis

Château Paradis ‘La Grande Terre’ Rosé

Syrah, Grenache, & Cabernet Sauvignon
Provence Coteaux d'Aix en Provence France Europe
Tasting Notes
Technical Details

A pale salmon color will ordain your glass as a complex blend of tangy red fruits such as wild strawberries and currants will hypnotize your nose. At first, the palate is dominated by a citrus bouquet that is led by a strong presence of grapefruit. Then, as it moves through the palate it evolves towards a fattier complexity as the aromas of wild red fruits reappear at the completion of each sip.

Syrah, Grenache & Cabernet Sauvignon grape blend.
This wine contains allergens, sulfites.
The Estate

The first vineyard plantations on the grounds of Château Paradis date from -600 JC when the Phoceans settled in Marseille and introduced this prodigious plant. Subsequently, in -21 JC, the Romans decided to build the “Villa Regina” and a Gallo-Roman agricultural establishment that had a grape press. Even today, near the Paradise plots, it is possible to find pieces of tile or terracotta buried in the ground that reflect the remains of the “Villa Regina”.

Wine Making

The Mistral winds rushing through the Rhone Valley cool an otherwise Mediterranean climate on the north face of the Trevaresse Mountain. Syrah, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon vines develop fruit expressive of its terroir thanks to the resulting climactic tension and endow.

Food Suggestions

Pairs well with pork, shellfish, vegetarian dishes, and poultry dishes.

• Available Size: 750mL (12 pc)
• Family-Owned
• Type: Wines
• Sub-type: Wines
• Class: Rose
• ABV%: 12.5
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