Hybrid Lodi Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio
Tasting Notes
Technical Details

This Pinot Grigio presents aromas of ripe citrus and mellow summer fruits, followed by a snappy mid-palate and a bright, vibrantly acidic finish.

Pinot Grigio grape blend.
This wine contains allergens, sulfites.


The Estate

Hybrid is a revolutionary product that combines highly advanced technology with environmentally sustainable winegrowing principles. It is the inspiration of the need for first-rate wines at a fair and affordable price. So a wine was crafted with the taste to back it up and we present our answer. It’s unpretentious and it’s quality. Hybrid is about taking away unnecessary elements to produce a good wine that anyone can enjoy..

Wine Making

Hybrid is a brand from the prestigious estate Peltiier. All of the 1,000 acres of the Peltier estate are farmed sustainably according to Lodi rules, a third party certified program created for the Lodi appellation by a committee of scientists, growers, a wildlife biologist, and farm advisors. These are stringent rules that Peltier farms by and have been farming since our great-grandparents began growing wine grapes.

Food Suggestions

Pairs well with root vegetables and squashes.

• Available Size: 20L (1 pc)  & Keg
• Sustainably-Farmed
• Low-Intervention
• Women Winemaker & Owner
• Lodi Green
• Type: Wines
• Sub-type: Wines
• Class: White
• ABV%: 11.8
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