Madame Veuve Point

Madame Veuve Point ‘Clos Bellefond’ Santenay Rouge

Pinot Noir
Burgundy Santenay France Europe
Tasting Notes
Technical Details

This wine made from Pinot Noir offers a deep purplish, black cherry hue, and aromas of peony, violet, and red fruit with a hint of liquorice. The attack is incisive, with solid tannins constructing a robust palate, with a superbly refined texture. Its aromatic register allows a harmonious pairing with veal or braised beef, lacquered or simply roast duck. For the cheeseboard, choose a Brie de Meaux, a Pont-l’Evêque, a Reblochon, and a Bresse blue.

Pinot Noir grape blend.
This wine contains allergens, sulfites.
The Estate

Winemaker and only son of Jeanne-Marie, Mr. Benoît POINT married Jeanne Henriette THOMAS (1904/1970) on 02/16/1924. He is a winegrower by birth. He helped his mother long before he was a man. Mr. Benoît POINT was incorporated into the alpine hunters for the war of 1914, then returned, safe and sound, to the house in 1918 to work on the estate.

Wine Making

The heights of Mont de Sène, otherwise known as the Mountain of Three Crosses, offer a fabulous panorama over the region. The Chateau of Santenay is intimately linked to the history of the Dukes of Bourgogne, and the Sorine windmill also forms part of the rich history of this village. It obtained AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlée) status in 1937.

Food Suggestions

Pairs well with veal or braised beef, lacquered or simply roast duck.

• Available Size: 750mL (12 pc)
• Female-Winemaker
• Type: Wines
• Sub-type: Wines
• Class: Red
• ABV%: 13
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