Tosti Vermouth di Torino Red Vermouth

Piedmont Vermouth di Torino Italy Europe
Tasting Notes
Technical Details

The main character is the artemisia to which infusions of herbs and spices are added to enhance its aroma and taste. Tosti Vermouth di Torino “mixology edition” line is a refined choice with an intense and spicy flavor able to enhance every cocktail with a deep and refined flavor.


The Estate

Two centuries of grape harvests make history. Since 1820 Tosti has been producing still and sparkling wines and is a family-run estate which has witnessed seven generations of the Bosca family at the helm of operations.

Wine Making

Process includes the maceration in alcohol of the aromatic herbs. Extraction of the infusion thus obtained and subsequent blending with wine, sugar and caramel. Refining in tank.

Serving Suggestions

Perfect on the rocks, it is a surprising ingredient to add a touch of personality and complexity to the great classics such as, for example, Americano and Negroni.

• Available Size: 1L (6 pc)
• Sustainable
• Organic-Wines
• Family-Owned
• Type: Wines
• Sub-type: Wines
• Class: Fortified
• ABV%: 16
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