Ohmine Shuzou

About Ohmine Shuzou

Ohmine Shuzouʼs operations resumed in 2010 after a 50-year hiatus in Mine City, Yamaguchi, which preserves much of its ancient natural beauty: the Akiyoshi Plateau, a national park formed over the course of 300 million years, and Shuhodo, the most impressive limestone cave in Asia. After the owner and the president, Takeshi Akiyama worked for several years in New York as an architect, he returned to his home in Yamaguchi to start a business to support the local rice farming community. With this goal in mind, Akiyama-san gave life to what was once a dormant sakagura, but not without first learning the art of sake production at another local brewery. Akiyama-sanʼ s passion and vision have now been realized, and are shown beautifully in Ohmineʼ s new facility that opened in 2018. Many young and passionate brewers work hard to innovate from a scientific point of view, and Ohmine has married that approach with artistic style by welcoming Pharrell Williams and Nigo in 2020 as owners, and together are building a new standard in the craft sake industry.

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