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Born just blocks away from where the Cuban revolution started, David’s life has always been both one of incredible luck and extreme drive. By chance, his family was granted the opportunity to emigrate to the United States in 1998, when David was just a child. Through their unparalleled work ethic his parents dedicated themselves to this second chance for the family, and thanks to his own efforts David became a laureled writer at 20, a double majored graduate of Temple University at 21, and the General Manager of multi-concept restaurant group in Pittsburgh by 23. Still, David never really knew what he would end up devoting his life to. It wasn’t until one fateful dinner, when his French professor took her students to Philadelphia’s Le Bec Fin, that he knew food and wine would come to dominate his life. Face to face with a bottle of 1945 Château Pétrus, which their sommelier showed the students as an example of their expansive cellar, he soon began to realize that nothing could ever be more important.

Starting from the bottom as a server and chef at a Japanese restaurant to pay his way through college, David soon learned every position before transitioning to the white tablecloths of an upscale French restaurant. After a move to Pittsburgh, he became the service manager, and later General Manager, of a prominent Italian restaurant. In 2019 he began working at Vintage Imports as the newest representative for the company in both Pittsburgh and State College, confirming his absolute obsession with wine and continuing what that bottle of Pétrus had started so many years ago.”

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