Château Paradis

About Château Paradis

The first vineyard plantations on the grounds of Château Paradis date from -600 JC when the Phoceans settled in Marseille and introduced this prodigious plant. Subsequently, in -21 JC, the Romans decided to build the “Villa Regina” and a Gallo-Roman agricultural establishment that had a grape press. Even today, near the Paradise plots, it is possible to find pieces of tile or terracotta buried in the ground that reflect the remains of the “Villa Regina”.

The lands of Château Paradis were sold to different owners in the years that followed, but they have always been linked to the culture of wine and Provence. In 1980, we witness the birth of Château Paradis. The estate belongs to Jacques Héon, a Franco-German passionate about wine and especially white wine. He plants several hectares of Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache Blanc. In 2003, he sold the vineyard to new owners, Philippe and Juliette Deschamps.


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