Cune Winery

About Cune Winery

CVNE is one of the most important wine producers in Spain, on account of its illustrious history, and its omnipresence in the contemporary Spanish wine scene. Founded by the Real de Asua brothers in 1879, it remains family-owned and family-run, with the latest generation committed more than ever to make great wine in meaningful quantities. The 3 company wineries perfectly symbolize the 3 principles that have always characterized the CVNE philosophy: the respect for heritage evident at the historic Haro bodegas; the embrace of new technology and innovation in the James Bond-inspired Viña Real facility; and the valorization of terroir that is Contino, Rioja’s most magical vineyard site transformed into truly magical wines.

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  • Family-Owned Over 5 Generations
  • Organic Winemaking Process
  • Vegan Winemaking Process
  • Sustainable Vineyard Practices
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