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Born in Central NJ, Daniel’s love for wine was an instance of happenstance. Hailing from a spiritual an southern influenced family, Daniel did not grow up with wine in the household. His parents often preached hard work and collegiate studies as a way to earn a good living. With their support, Daniel would go on to study Accounting and Entrepreneurial Studies at Rider University.

While attending Rider University, Daniel worked as server to support himself through college. He would eventually end up a bartender with the Darden Restaurant group, getting his first taste of the food industry. As his passion for food and cocktails grew, Daniel decided to leave the mainstream world of the food industry and dive into its more artisanal side. His renown work throughout his early career behind the bar landed him at a small Mom & Pop in Kingston, NJ. It was here, Daniel would get his first glimpse into the art of winemaking and discover his passion for the world of wine.

Longing to further his studies in wine, Daniel would then get the opportunity to work at a prominent wine shop in Princeton, NJ. It is here, under the guise of his mentor, that Daniel would begin to sharpen his skills in the wine world. After completing his introduction for Court of Sommelier, Daniel decided to dive back into the restaurant industry. Working with a famed New Jersey chef at an upscale establishment in the heart of Princeton opened Daniel into a vast world of flavor profiles, allowing him the opportunity to explore hundreds of food and wine pairings.

After receiving his WSET Level II certification, Daniel decided to enter the sales industry. Though Daniel does miss the oddly satisfying, yet chaotic musical of a Saturday night service in the industry, his love as a father and desire to be with his family would become his driving force. It is here, with Vintage Imports, Daniel has found a home and a sales force to grow.

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