Lamoreaux Landing

About Lamoreaux Landing

For over twenty years, Lamoreaux Landing has set the standard for sustainable viticulture and cool-climate winemaking. Each of their 20 vineyard blocks has been expertly chosen to accentuate the strengths of both the vines and the site. Long sunny days and cool nights further contribute to the intense aromatics and crisp acidity found in the wines. The estate grown fruit is the key to consistency in the wine cellar. By immediately delivering grapes to the winery at the peak of ripeness, and crushing them within minutes of harvest, allows for the perfect preservation of each varietal with minimum intervention.

Lamoreaux Landing believes in sound environmental management practices, which minimize the use of synthetic fungicides, pesticides, fertilizers, fuel, energy and waste. These “green” decisions not only protect the health of their employees, consumers, and neighbors, but also insure their economic viability and continued ability to grow and deliver the best possible wine products for generations to come.

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  • Family Owned & Operated for 3 Generations
  • Sustainable Vineyard & Farming Practices
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